Automate tedious processes and make your developers more efficient

Increase developer happiness and retention by reducing tedious processes such as deployments, cloud infrastructure builds and testing.

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Say goodbye to bottlenecks

Almost 90% of cloud based software outages can be attributed to human errors. Increase speed and reliabiltity in the these key areas with automation.

Build and Deployment

CI servers such Jenkins, Bamboo and CircleCI help you deploy code faster with less errors.

Cloud Automation

Tools like Terraform and Ansible work with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and even OpenStack.

Testing and Monitoring

Unit Testing, UI Testing and API testing are help catch errors before they make it to production.

Implement best practices

Utilize our expertise in DevOps to automate your software development process and get up to date with best practices.

Automate your infrastructure builds Building out servers, load balancers and databases by hand in the AWS console is error prone and slow. Cloud infrastructure today can be versioned controlled in your repository for easy upgrades and roll-out of new environments.

Continuously deliver new functionality Continuous delivery is a must for todays fast moving software projects, however it requires a robust and automated build, test and deployent pipeline. We set up these types of systems every day, so we know what works and what doesn't.

Receive on call and developer support Time lost due to broken development tools and systems is not only expensive, it's frustrating for developers and lowers morale and confidence. Help is just a chat or phone call away with our global team available in every timezone.

Plans available for StartUps and Enterprise

Our pricing varies based on the technology you use and how much support you need. Contact us for a free personalized quote.

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Our Clients

We empower software teams to ship faster with less hassle

StartOps allows us to scale our DevOps capacity seamlessly when we have big projects. They are always up to date on the latest tech so we are never behind.
Kay Waters
DevOps Manager
I sleep better at night, knowing that StartOps is watching out for our infrastructure. We develop and deploy without worries due to their decades of specialized expertise.
Joseph Weber
Chief Technical Officer
Our infrastructure is more stable, scalable and costs less to run since StartOps redesigned it. They helped us implement best practices across every area of the pipeline.
David Park
Director of Engineering

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