Test Automation

Proper test coverage allows you to confidently automate your deployments and decrease the time from development to production. Unit Tests, Functional Tests and Test Driven Development all have their place. Tools like Selenium and frameworks like Nunit and Junit can be linked with your CI/CD system to give you accurate real time stats about your codebase.

Deploy with confidence

Effective automated tests allow you to deploy more often with with greater confidence and less time wasted on rollbacks and manual verification.


We start with careful analysis of your company and requirements to determine where you are in your DevOps journey. No two companies are the same and the journey to greater efficiency is never linear. Once we have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses we are able to develop a plan to effectively move your company forward. 


Automation isn’t everything but getting boring and time consuming manual tasks off your teams plate helps them focus on what matters. For items that cannot be automated we look at ways to streamline the task. This frees up critical time to begin looking at the process and culture fo DevOps within your organization.


Once the basic level of automation are complete we can begin to look at the bigger picture. Individual tasks often fit into a larger process framework. As we integrate each item we can begin to define feedback loops for continuous improvement. This is the heart of the DevOps philosophy, a sustainable way of working that is never complacent.

Comprehensive Support

We offer support across all channels to ensure that you can grow and scale. Our unique approach combines hands on and self service methods for maximum impact.


Documentation is the key to ensuring effective long term knowledge transfer and breaking down silos of communication. We focus on documenting as we build and then keeping that documentation up to date and relevant.


As we build new systems, processes and ways of working we train your team in their use and maintenance. This ensures that you are never locked into our engagement and that your team can take over anytime if needed.


Phone and Chat

Phone, Email, Chat and more, we strive to fit into your current organizational communication methods. This means you can reach us for developer support or production emergencies no matter the hour.

Are you confident in your deployments?

Good automated tests are the foundation of continuous deployment. We can help you set up your test frameworks and processes the right way.

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